Transform! puts you in directly into the C-suite. Work with your management team. Design a transformation strategy. Deal with unions, activist investors and hostile take-overs. Can you design the winning strategy to 50BN in market cap?

Learn how to transform real-life companies

The fundamental principles of Transform! is built on real-world experiences and insights. The stories and challenges, the emotions, confusion and strategic choices are all modeled after numerous real-life CEOs.

Fine-tune your leadership skills

You are the leadership team of your company, and it is your responsibility to lead your company through the turbulent waters of the corporate world.

You will need to juggle your existing business, optimize your current cash flow, invest in the future, design a broad portfolio of new business models, all without going bust.

From simulation to corporate strategy

In the simulation, you and your team are take on leadership roles and navigate your way through disruption. You will need to develop strategic agility and a portfolio-based approach to strategy.

The simulation – and the debrief – translates the game and its learning directly into your corporate strategy process.

Built on real world corporate strategy

The gameplay of Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator is built around the powerful Strategy Tools Strategy & Transformation Series, which is developed based on several of the latest corporate strategy frameworks that are used by transformation leaders worldwide.

Available Online…

Transform! Digital is a complete and powerful strategy & transformation program. Delivered 100% remotely and digitally. The program covers key aspects of strategy, innovation, transformation, corporate finance, team development, and leadership.

Currently used by strategy & innovation teams, leading consulting companies, top management, board, business schools, and executive education programs around the world – 100% digital.

…Or In Person

Use Transform! with your students across levels and academic disciplines. Teach core concepts in strategy, innovation, transformation & finance in a highly interactive and experiential learning format. Combine case studies, lectures with the highly interactive digital simulation.

Well suited at Master, MBA, Executive levels. Fully customizable option for Corporate education programs.

Transform! in 30 Sec

In Transform! you take on the role of a new management team in an established company. Your job: transform the company, reach a 50BN market cap on the stock exchange. Avoid going bankrupt.

This, of course, is not as easy as it sounds. You have to navigate a massive level of complexity, make rapid-fire decisions on strategy, investments, partnerships, or outright hostility toward the other teams.

Yes, that’s right. You are competing (or collaborating) with up to six other teams around the ‘table’. You are all in the same industry space, but with very different strategies, strategy paradigms, and management attitudes.

The first team to reach a 50BN market cap is the winner. Good luck.

How to Win

You and your team need to navigate the Transform! Triangle, truly understand your company card, master your respective roles (having a strategic CFO is key), and most importantly, you need to use and understand all the beautiful tools and principles of transformation.


Profits give you short-term revenue and keep you in business. A strange balance and sufficient working capital is crucial.


New Business Models fuel new growth.  Your long-term goal is to build a wide Business Model Portfolio.


Stock market analysts track your every move and rate your progress. This will influence your share price.

Company Cards

Transform! comes with a wide selection of pre-defined Company Cards. Select between energy, finance, software, aviation or mobility. These company cards set the opening stage; but expect significant transformation as the simulation gets underway.

Based on Real-Life Cases

All simulations are based on on-going, real-life cases. Students can read about a current transformation story in the FT on Monday and experience it in the simulation the next day.  The link to real-life cases make the simulation come alive to the participants.

Key Roles on Your Team

Each team will have 2 to five participants, with three being the target number.


The CEO is responsible for overall team performance and company development. Needs to handle complexity and be able to ‘see through the fog’. Expect to work closely with capital markets.


The Chief Strategy Officer handles all aspects of strategy, business models and much of the work on the canvases. A multi-tasking role. Expect a lot of work.


The Chief Financial Officer is in charge of all aspects of finance, capital markets, investor relations, accounting, cash flow, valuation methods, business model valuations and overall company valuation. Should like to count stuff.

What You Will Experience

You and your team will take on the role of a new management team. You will be challenged to develop a strategy and make strategic decisions under time pressure. You will be exposed to strategic dilemmas, hostile competitors, capital markets, and all the factors a management team has to deal with.

Develop Your Transformational Strategy

Can you manage the resource allocation process needed for a successful transformation?  Can you identify the best business models to invest in?

Deal with Ups & Downs

Do you have the strategic foresight to prepare for the industry ups – and downs? Are you able to turn a Tesla or Apple iCar challenge into a new market opportunity?

Tackle Strategic Challenges

Is your team able to tackle the strategic dilemmas you face? Do you have the alignment and trust to solve the big challenges?

Develop Your Innovation Strategy

Do you have the right culture for innovation? Are you able to develop an innovation strategy that aligns with your transformation journey?


Transform! delivers proven learning outcomes.

Foster Better Teamwork

Train More Strategic Leaders

Learn to Use New Strategy Frameworks

Develop Your Strategic Thinking

Experience Leading a Large-scale Transformation Journey in Action

Integrate Strategy, Transformation, Innovation And Finance Into One Learning Format

Work with visual digital tools

Transform! digital is built on a series of powerful and innovative visual strategy tools. You and your team will work through proven visual tools that have helped lead successful transformation programs in aviation, technology, energy, oil & gas, and FMCG. 

Industry Shifts Map

Use the Industry Shifts Map to understand how your world is changing. Most companies have a limited interest in what happens outside of their company/industry. Make sense of what’s happening and how it could affect your company’s trajectory.

Minimum Innovation Strategy Canvas

The canvas helps companies move away from innovation efforts that are too internally focused, and allows you to build a one-page, easy-to-understand, high-level innovation strategy.

Strategy Intro

The number one strategy tool for companies of any size. The Strategy Intro is the perfect starting point for any strategy process – for startups, scale-ups and corporates.

“Rich, immersive and authentic…

Thanks for providing such a rich, immersive and authentic experience for our students. There is no way they could get this kind of exposure through classroom lectures…and they will be better leaders for it!

Dr. Tony O’Driscoll

Fuqua School of Business

How BI Norwegian Business School Teaches Leadership in Action – Remotely

The most important factor was that we could offer the students a close-to-real-life activity and learning experience despite the Covid-19 situation. We are very happy we found Transform!

Anne Swanberg

Associate Professor, BI

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“A playful and social approach…

…to truly experience that a good business model is essential to every successful organization.

Kristian E. Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Development, Equinor

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