In Supercluster! The Innovation Cluster Simulator, you are the leadership team of a new, emerging innovation Supercluster. Your job is to build the team, grow your industry network, develop key relationships, recruit members, secure funding, and launch special projects. That sounds like quite a list, doesn’t it? Now try to do it all without going bankrupt, and before your competitors get to the finish line.

Teach the basics of Supercluster development

Designed for visionary national change makers, innovation clusters, national innovation agencies, innovation policymakers, accelerators, incubators, business schools and anyone set on transforming a nation by innovation. Simulator 

Build a National Supercluster

Take the role of the leadership team, as you build, structure, and learn how to scale Innovation clusters and build some of the most powerful ecosystems in the world. By the end of the simulation, you will get a clear idea of the pieces needed to build a successful Innovation Supercluster – even if you’ve never heard of the term before today.

From gameplay to national innovation policies

A core part of the gameplay is debriefing and translating into “our real world”. Supercluster! is designed for strategy development and strategic conversations for anyone involved with national innovation policies, ecosystem builders, national innovation agencies, accelerators, incubators, ministeries of trade and innovation, and most importantly, cluster managers and cluster programs worldwide.

Built on real world cluster strategy

The gameplay of Supercluster! is built around the powerful Strategy Tools Supercluster Series, which is developed based on several recognized cluster strategy frameworks that is used by cluster leaders and Superclusters across the globe.  

Teach Strategy by Playing (Seriously)

Use Supercluster! digital with your students across levels and academic disciplines. Teach core concepts in cluster theories, business models, Supercluster models, and cluster leadership in a highly interactive and experiential learning format. Combine case studies, lectures with highly interactive digital simulation. Well suited at Master, MBA, Executive levels. Fully customizable option for executive cluster leadership programs.

Can’t meet face to face? Work 100% online

A solution for innovation clusters. 100 % digital. Highly flexible format. For cluster development, cluster strategy, and innovation cluster projects.

Supercluster! Digital is a complete and powerful innovation cluster program. Delivered 100% remotely and digitally. The program covers key aspects of cluster development, cluster strategy, cluster leadership and Innovation Superclusters.

Build deep capabilities in leading and building innovation superclusters

Supercluster! the innovation cluster simulation is built on extensive work with 100+ real life clusters and cluster projects around the world.

From small emerging clusters to global superclusters, from seafood to artificial intelligence, from the political rivalry to the operational tasks of a cluster manager; the simulation brings the real-life challenges of building and running a cluster to life in a practical and engaging manner.

You can apply this simulation to cluster boards, politicians, cluster development programs, consulting projects and anyone wanting to learn and master innovation clusters.

Work with visual digital tools

Supercluster! digital is built on a series of powerful and innovative visual strategy tools. You and your team will work through proven visual cluster tools. These tools have helped shape and build cluster strategies in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America.


Supercluster Capital Strategy Map

This tool helps you build your end-to-end supercluster strategy, map out your cluster investor landscape and think strategically about capital into your cluster. 

Supercluster Capital Strategy

Identify the key pieces required for a cluster capital strategy and develop a full-scale capital strategy for your cluster using the Supercluster Capital Strategy.

Supercluster Strategy Map

The canvas details the five fundamental pillars of building a supercluster – corporate, government, academics, capital, and entrepreneur. Map out a supercluster strategy and how you can involve, engage and activate all stakeholders.

It was a tough and intense learning experience that still managed to be a lot of fun!

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