Bring Experiential Learning into Your Classroom

  • Accelerate learning
    with world-class strategy simulations
  • For Bachelor, Masters, MBA & Executive
  • Available fully digital or in-person
  • Delivered by your faculty or our experts

Five Learning Simulations

Instructor-led learning simulations. Highly suitable for digital or in-person formats. Integrates across multiple courses and program designs. Available globally.

Scale Up!

The Entrepreneurship Simulator

Can you take a startup from idea to exit? Can you scale up?

Grow your company, develop your strategy, secure investors. Build winning syndicates – all while avoiding bankruptcy.

Learn entreprenurship by doing.


The Strategy & Transformation Simulator

You are the management team of a legacy company. Can you reinvent and transform!?

Can you maintain the existing business, optimize your current cash flow,  invest in the future, and design a broad portfolio of new business models without over-investing and going bankrupt?


The Innovation Cluster Simulator

How can we improve national competitiveness?

Take on the leadership role of China’s AI Supercluster, Norway’s Seafood Cluster, Canada’s Digital Supercluster. Learn how to build Innovation Superclusters. Accelerate your national transformation.

Scale Up X!

The Gender-Smart Simulator

How do we develop and support more female founders? How do we secure more gender-balanced entreprenurship?

Scale Up X! puts you in the shoes of a female founder team. Learn how to scale a startup in the face of gender-biased challenges.

Fund Manager!

The Fund Strategy Simulator

Can you start and scale a successful investment fund?

Develop your strategy, raise LP financing, deploy capital and grow your investment portfolio.

Take on the role of a highly successful fund manager. Ideally suited for finance and entreprenurship programs.

Custom Simulation

Customize for Your Program

Can’t find what you are looking for? Want to customize content for a corporate executive education program?

We have extensive experience with customizing learning simulations.  Talk to our faculty team today.

Available Online…

The learning simulations are perfectly suited for remote, 100% digital delivery.

… or in Person

The learning simulations can also be designed to be delivered in person. From half-day to multi-day delivery available.

“I Could Just See the Light Bulbs Go Off”

Learn how Duke University has integrated the Transform! Simulation into its highly popular Competitive Strategy Course.  100% digitally.

Bring Experiential Learning to Your Classroom – 100% digitally

Engage your students in deeply immersive simulations.
Built on real-world scenarios.  Designed for experiential learning.

Run Different Industries and Scenarios

As faculty, you can choose among a wide selection of different industries and scenarios. The energy transition, fintech revolution, mobility transformation, or any number of potential industries are available to you.

Real Leadership Challenges

All simulations are developed based on real-world and current market environments. You will experience what it is like to scale a startup, transform a corporation, raise a venture fund or build a supercluster through real-world scenarios. 

Compete in Teams

Your students will step into management roles, design strategies, complete advanced level exercises and compete against the other teams for the win. They will experience the high-paced drama of strategic decision making with limited information under high-degree uncertainty. 

Digital Simulation Discovery Sessions

Get a taste of the digital strategy simulations. Register your seat, join the free session and learn.

Teach Strategy by Playing (Seriously)

Rather than sit them through a day of theory and digesting PowerPoint slides, take your students on a strategy development journey through real-world scenarios, filled with high-impact learning. They will leave laughing, and itching to take action, we promise.

Can’t Meet Face to Face?

Work Seamlessly, 100% Online

The digital simulations can be used as complete and powerful programs, delivered 100% remotely and digitally. Upgrade your online learning with high-energy, high-impact learning simulations.

Highly engaging, stimulating and challenging…

“Learning how to design and execute strategy in a dynamic, uncertain world is a critical endeavour for executives and entrepreneurs. Working through case studies certainly provides useful insights and lessons. Simulations provide a valuable opportunity to learn about concepts, frameworks and situations in a way that feels close to the reality of making difficult strategic decisions. Strategy Tools has developed – and deployed – a cutting edge simulation that is highly engaging, stimulating and challenging – leaving participants more capable and confident. It should absolutely become the mainstay of executive education in strategy, innovation, and leadership.”

David Lancefield

Catalyst, Strategist, Coach, guest lecturer,

London Business School

Making Teaching Cases Come to Life

Every simulation comes with a selection of case studies, company cards and team roles. Make your teaching come alive through hands-on teamwork, team-based strategies and highly competitive dynamics.

Teaching Case +

All sims come with dedicated teaching case studies developed exclusively for your simulation.

Company Cards +

Every sim has a series of unique company cards, designed based on the selected case study.

Team Roles +

Your students will step into pre-determined roles, ranging from 2 to 5 per team.


The simulation pulls all of these elements together for a powerful, experiental learning experience.

The students loved it…

” Thanks for providing such a rich, immersive and authentic experience for our students. There is no way they could get this kind of exposure through classroom lecture…and they will be better leaders for it! “

Professor Tony O’Driscoll

Adjunct Professor, Research Fellow and Academic Director at Duke University

Case Studies

More than 200 strategy simulations have been delivered globally. Read the case studies here.

Duke University

How Duke University Uses the Transform! Simulation to Help Its Master Students Translate Learning into Doing

BI Business School

How BI Norwegian Business School Teaches Leadership in Action – Remotely

FH Vorarlberg University

How FH Vorarlberg Explored Experiential Learning
– 100% Digital

Katapult  Accelerator

How Katapult Ocean’s Accelerator Program Went 100% Digital

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